Real Stories


Wife's Tale

Prostate Cancer

My darling husband Tim was almost given a death sentence - 'You have prostate cancer'. Until further tests results came back we were suspended in fear: we didn't know which cards fate would deal us we tried our best to smile through our tears. Read the full story here.

Ian's Story

Prostate Cancer

"I decided to go to the doctor and have a check-up after our financial planner suggested I should cancel a life insurance policy. I agreed but first decided to go and get a full round of medical checks to make sure everything was ok." Read the full story here.

Mark's Story

Prostate Cancer

"I view prostate cancer as a tiger I'm living with in a very confined space that I've got to learn to live and deal with. It's there and it's always going to be there, I can either learn to live with it or I can let it defeat me." Read the full story here