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Prostate cancer research giving hope
In a world first, a research project into an aggressive form of prostate cancer has advanced into animal models, all thanks to a PA Hospital patient.
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Exploring prostate cancer treatment
​The potential to save lives and extend the life of late stage prostate cancer patients is what keeps Dr Marianna Volpert coming back to the lab each day.
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MANDATE kicks off in AVC Venues
More than 80 venues across Queensland will unite to shine a light on Men's Health through June and July and raise money for crucial prostate cancer research in the process.
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Prostate cancer research making strides
​Dr Lisa Philp has her sights set on giving more time to our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and uncles diagnosed with prostate cancer and her research also has the potential to help Covid-19 patients.
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QBCI Research into Prostate Cancer
When you hear the name Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative you wouldn’t immediately know how hard the team is working on not just bladder cancer research but also prostate cancer.
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Meet Ken Burston: Prostate Cancer CNC
​For PA Hospital based prostate cancer clinical nurse consultant Ken Burston, a big part of his role is being on-call to offer his advice and knowledge of prostate cancer and urology whenever he is needed.
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Men's Health Week: MANDATE Research
​For Dr Ian Vela and Associate Professor Elizabeth Williams, Men's Health Week is an annual reminder their prostate cancer research project is about saving as many lives as possible.
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Men's Health Week: Physical Fitness
Exercise is a key factor in the overall wellness of the modern man and for PA Hospital Physiotherapist Richard Modderman it's also crucial for it to be something you enjoy.
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Men's Health Week: Skin Health
When men consider their health, they tend to think of their physical fitness, their weight, perhaps their diet and even their mental health – what they don't do enough is consider the health of their skin.
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Men's Health Week: Mental Health
​Although men are being encouraged to speak up about their mental health struggles, statistics show there is still more work to be done.
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Men's Health Week: Heart Health
It's essential that at least once or twice a year we stop and think about our hearts and book a check-up with our GP, even more so if there is a family history of heart issues.
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Men's Health Week: Healthy Nutrition
Good nutrition can be both appetizing and enjoyable.
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Men's Health Week: Prostate Cancer
With prostate cancer being one of the biggest killers of Australian men, it’s vitally important for men to know the signs of prostate cancer as they age.
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PA Research Foundation has moved to thank Australian Venue Co. (AVC) for their unwavering support
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MANDATE Wraps Up in AVC Venues
The PA Research Foundation's MANDATE campaign took 90 Australian Venue Co (AVC) venues by storm again in 2019
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AVC Scores a Hole in One For MANDATE
The second annual MANDATE Golf Day took place on Wednesday July 24 in support of lifesaving prostate cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus
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AVC Spreading The MANDATE Message
MANDATE has been making its mark on Australian Venue Co Venues throughout June and July
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MANDATE Men's Health Breakfast 2019
The PA Research Foundation’s annual Men’s Health Week Breakfast in celebration of our MANDATE Men’s Health Campaign brought over 80 guests to the iconic Regatta Hotel
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MANDATE 2018 - That's a Wrap!
The MANDATE Road Trip 2018 saw The PA Research Foundation’s Luke Cridland hit the road and visit 88 Spirit Hotels across Queensland
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MANDATE 2018 Launches
The PA Research Foundation and Spirit Hotels have joined forces once again to encourage the men of Queensland to take ownership of their health
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PA Hospital Support Men's Health Week
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Men's Health Breakfast Recap
More than 120 people braved the 6:30am start and congregated at one of Brisbane's favourite watering holes, the Regatta Hotel, for the annual MANDATE Men's Breakfast on Thursday June 15.
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Spirit Hotels Muscle Up For Men's Health
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Andy's MANDATE for Men's Health
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