Join The Fight


Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Australian men - every day, there will be nearly 50 blokes receiving a life-changing diagnosis. Sadly, it is estimated that this year alone there will be 3500 deaths in Australia from prostate cancer. These men are fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, grand fathers and mates. Prostate cancer is affecting too many Australian families. Enough is enough. It is time to fight back.

Spirit Hotels have once again teamed up with the PA Research Foundation's MANDATE Men's Health Initiative. For this year's campaign, we are asking Spirit communities, and the wider Australian public, to join us in the fight against prostate cancer.

With your help, the fight against prostate cancer is happening on two-fronts:


More awareness of prostate cancer can mean an earlier, treatable diagnosis for men faced with this disease. Prostate cancer is very curable if detected early with a 5-year survival rate is 95%. Knowing what symptoms to look for is key as well as being proactive in seeking out advice from your GP if you are at risk of developing the disease due to age or family history.



The PA Research Foundation, through the MANDATE Men's Health Initiative, is committed to funding innovative, life-saving prostate cancer research projects. Funds raised during this campaign will support prostate cancer research taking place at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland, located at the PA Hospital Campus' world-leading Translational Research Institute. MANDATE prostate cancer research projects are tackling the disease head-on with a focus on improving patient outcomes through advanced treatment options and better diagnosis methods.

Our researchers, clinicians and nurses cannot fight prostate cancer alone - your help is pivotal in improving the outcomes for men and their families who are faced with this disease.

With venues stretching from Palm Cove in Far North Queensland to Perth in Western Australia, Spirit Hotels are the perfect place to plan a night out, a family meal, a meeting, wedding or even a holiday. Support Spirit Hotels as they get behind MANDATE - find a Hotel.